Frequently Asked Questions

How much will money will I receive per piece of content submitted?

On joining Adbeans a price will be agreed as to how much you will receive per piece of content submitted. This will depend on the quality of your site and various other factors, you will receive payment for every piece of content submitted and approved.

How many pieces of content can I submit at a time?

This will depend on the keywords in your account. As long as keywords exist in your account, then you can create content around them for submission. If there are no keywords in your account then you are able to request some.

Can I include more than one keyword per piece of content?

No. Only one keyword can be used per piece of content. So if there was five keywords in your account, then you would then to create five pieces of content, one for each keyword.

What happens if my content is not approved?

If the approval team choose not to accept your content, then it will be listed as rejected. You will receive an email notifying you as to the reason why your content was rejected. Following this, you will be able to re submit with changes.

How do I receive payment?

You will receive payment through your Adbeans account, at anytime you are able to withdraw funds from your account.

Can I suggest other websites to join?

Yes! If you suggest any other websites that meet our standards to join Adbeans, then you will receive a referral fee.

Will I be able to contact Adbeans for any questions?

Yes, you will be given an email address to contact Adbeans on. We will respond to your query as quickly as possible and resolve any issues.

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